Strength In Numbers

People across the country and the world came together today to protest the inauguration and to show resilience in this insane time, and boy, did we ever show up.


Yesterday a monster of a man was sworn into the highest office in the country.  He said that the people were finally taking back the White House, that the people will not be taken advantage of by big government any longer.  He said under oath that he is the representative of the people and will protect the Constitution.

We disagreed with his statements, and we said so.  Thousands and thousands of people marched in every single state, and in many other countries (across all seven continents) in protest of what this administration will do to our rights, freedoms, climate, public land, protections, and more; he and his administration are planning to eviscerate many things that are explicitly outlined in the very Constitution he vowed to uphold.  

Close to half a million people in D.C.  150,000 (at least) in Chicago.  Thousands and thousands in New York, L.A., Philadelphia.  Nearly 15,000 in Nashville.  Just the D.C. march alone had double the number of people that the inauguration did (which, by the way, was a fraction of what both Obama inaugurations' turnouts were).

Yesterday's events made the world look so bleak.  But now, as my legs and feet are sore, and my voice is blown and my throat is raw from leading chants in our section of the march, I feel so full of hope that we will get through this.  We will be opposed every single step of the way, and we may not win every battle.  But this is a war where we can absolutely triumph, I'm so sure of that.  We have begun a movement to make our voices heard, and that movement will not be easily silenced.

I'm certain there are many thousands of people who looked on what we did today and accused us of whining and complaining, called us "libtards" or rubbed it in our faces that Hillary Clinton didn't win the Presidency.  I'm sure there were plenty of counter-protesters at marches across the country telling people fighting for their rights that they were going to hell for being who they are, be they female, LGBTQIA+, black, white, Muslim, what have you.  That's a bothersome thing that hurts, but right now those voices are so small compared to ours.

We trounced the attendance of the Presidential inauguration with people who showed up wanting what's right and just. We ignited the biggest inauguration protest in U.S. history.  Our voices will be heard, and I'm so confident in our strength right now.  I cannot wait to get more involved in the resistance and meet some of the incredible women leading the charge.

This is only the beginning.

Get involved!