Always Fall-ing

The time has come for tea, candles, journal writing underneath blankets, and homemade bread.  It's time for change; the gradients in leaves from green to gold, the sunlight from warm and ever present to soft and fleeting. 

Year after year I have this vision of personal growth during fall.  I want this time to have the opposite of the attitude often associated with it - one of decay and cold.  I always want my fall to be warm and creative.  This time around it feels stronger than ever - once I find the right rhythm, I know something great will come of it.

But does it just have to be this time of year that this creative seed is harvested? I want to have the desire to create and be cozy and satisfied all year.  Is there some kind of magic formula that combines perfectly the season, the activities, and the energy? There must be.  I want to find a way to always be in the fall attitude; to keep that creative energy flowing all through the year.